Dimensiones del paquete‏:‎ 15.67 x 11.38 x 3.74 inches; 11 Pounds Manufacturer‏:‎ Bard Valley ASIN‏:‎ B09RXYFFSG
Item Weight 11 Pounds Size 11 Pound (Pack of 1) Brand Natural Delights Specialty Natural Package Weight 5.37 Kilograms
FRESH WHOLE DATES - Our whole dates are always freshly picked & are the true bounty of Bard Valley. Traditionalists believe it"s the best way to enjoy a date - either way they are packed full of nutrients & deliver a sweet caramel flavor GROWN IN RICH-SOIL - Location and soil health are everything! Grown in Bard Valley, our premium dates are a pure & wholesome superfood picked at peak ripeness for naturally sweet & large medjool dates HEALTHY INDULGENCE - Natural Delights whole Medjool dates are nutrient-dense containing 16 essential vitamins & minerals & are on low glycemic index giving you long-lasting energy & satisfying your sweet tooth VERSATILE FRESH FRUIT - You can munch on this low-fat snack alone or get creative with ‘em! Chop & add as a salad topper, make frozen fruit smoothies, make a date paste, use as a sugar substitute for desserts - the possibilities are endless RAISED ON SUNSHINE - We work with Earth’s resources to sustainably grow and harvest our Medjool Dates. They are raised on sunshine - from bud to ripeness & are hand-picked - no pesticides, additives, or GMOs

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