Dimensiones del paquete‏:‎ 10.23 x 7.08 x 1.58 inches; 9.17 ounces UPC‏:‎ 198168194744 Manufacturer‏:‎ Nourishment Rituals ASIN‏:‎ B0CNJ3YML4 Country of Origin‏:‎ USA
Brand Nourishment Rituals Item Form Powder Flavor Matcha Tea Variety Verde Unit Count 21.16 Ounce
Sustained Energy: Matcha tea contains a moderate amount of caffeine, which, when combined with the healthy fats from Coconut Super Creamer and MCT Oil, can provide a gradual and sustained release of energy throughout the day. Cognitive Enhancement: Lion"s Mane, Cordyceps, and Ashwagandha are adaptogenic herbs that have been traditionally used to support cognitive function. When combined with the amino acid L-theanine naturally found in Matcha, these ingredients may enhance mental clarity, focus, and overall cognitive performance. Stress Reduction: Ashwagandha, a well-known adaptogen, is believed to have stress-reducing properties. Consuming an Organic Matcha latte infused with Ashwagandha may help promote relaxation, balance cortisol levels, and support overall stress management. Immune Support: Reishi, a medicinal mushroom, is often used for its potential immune-boosting properties. Incorporating Reishi into an Organic Matcha latte may provide additional support for a healthy immune system. Gut Health: Prebiotics, such as those found in the Organic Matcha latte mixture, can act as food for beneficial gut bacteria. Supporting a healthy gut microbiome can contribute to improved digestion and overall gut health. Enhanced Flavor and Creaminess: The combination of Decadent Oat Milk, Coconut Super Creamer, and all-natural Stevia sweetener adds a delightful taste and creamy texture to the Organic Matcha latte, enhancing the overall drinking experience.

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