Item Weight‏:‎ 1.1 Pounds Date First Available‏:‎ December 31, 2022 Manufacturer‏:‎ Generic ASIN‏:‎ B0BRNP9YSP
Item Form Sliced Brand Generic Item Weight 500 Grams número de items 1 Unit Count 1.00 Count
How to eat Cooked Rehmannia Rehmannia? 1. Cooking Soup (Chudi Carne de res Bone Soup) : 60g Chudi, 30g Qianbei, 500g Carne de res bone Cooking soup. 2. Wine soaking: Ripe place can be mixed with Chinese medicine such as wolfberry and angelica for wine soaking; Can also be mixed with eucommia and other wine. 3. Wine steaming Take out clean raw rehmannia Rehmannia and add rice wine to stir well, add water in the container, and cook through water until the rice wine is sucked up and the color of rehmannia rehmannia turns Negro, then take out, cut thick slices, and dry. 4. Sand kernel processing Take out the clean raw rehmannia, add the sand kernel and rice wine, stir well, and cook for 48 hours until it turns Negro, then take out the slices. 5. High pressure evaporation Use a high pressure method of preparation. Keep the high pressure in the pot at 3 ~ 5 pounds, put it into the pot and cook it for about two hours. Don"t rush to take it out after the high pressure steaming. Cook until 12 hours in the pan, then remove the slices.

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